12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine – 150m/unit

12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine

12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine – 150m/unit


  • Strong 12mm OPP band for auto-strapping – secure bundling
  • Reliable adhesion, damage-free – perfect for various products
  • Fits ECOBAND-S 12mm machine – efficient and easy loading
  • Elegant packaging – enhances product presentation
  • Versatile use – carton sealing, retail packaging, and more
  • Durable and long-lasting – 150m per roll
  • User-friendly – reduces downtime, increases productivity
  • Trusted by customers – excellent bundling results
  • Cost-effective solution – value for your packaging needs
  • Smooth, efficient performance – ideal for automated banding
  • Fast Delivery
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12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine – 150m/unit

High-quality 12mm OPP Tape for Automatic Banding Machines, providing efficient and reliable packaging solutions for your business needs. This OPP film roll boasts a width of 12mm, a thickness of 0.12mm, and an impressive length of 150m per unit. The tape roll comes with an inner diameter of 42mm and an exterior diameter of 160mm, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation on your automatic banding machines.


Advantages of our OPP band 12mm

  1. Compatibility with Strapping Machine: Our OPP band is designed to fit most automatic strapping machines with a 42mm inner diameter and 160mm exterior diameter. We recommend using it with our ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP banding machine 12mm.
  2. Dimensions and Length: Our OPP band measures 12mm in width, and 0.12 mm in thickness, and comes in 150 meters rolls.
  3. Quality and Strength: Our OPP band offers a strong bundling effect and reliable adhesion, ensuring secure packaging for various products.
  4. Packaging Efficiency: Our OPP band is easy to load, minimizing downtime during changeovers, and enhances packaging speed in automatic strapping machines.
  5. Damage-Free Packing: Rest assured, our OPP band is gentle on products, preventing scratches, marks, or deformation during packaging.
  6. Versatility and Applications: Our OPP band excels in product bundling, carton sealing, gift wrapping, retail packaging, e-commerce shipping, and more.
  7. Packaging Appearance: With elegant OPP packing, our band enhances the presentation of your products, leaving a positive impression.
  8. Durability and Longevity: Each roll contains 150 meters of high-quality OPP band, providing long-lasting and durable packaging solutions.
  9. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Customers love our OPP band for its reliability, performance, and excellent bundling results.
  10. Price and Cost-effectiveness: Our OPP band offers a cost-effective solution, combining quality, strength, and value for your packaging needs.


Specs of 12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine

Product Name12mm OPP band
Length per Unit150 meters
Tape Roll Inner Diameter42mm
Tape Roll Exterior Diameter160mm
MaterialOPP Film
PackingElegant OPP packing
Bundling EffectStrong
Suitable forAutomatic Banding Machines, Many kinds of strapping machines
UsesProduct bundling, Carton sealing, Gift wrapping, Office use, Food packaging, Retail packaging, E-commerce shipping, Manufacturing and assembly, Logistics and warehousing, Home and DIY projects


ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP banding machine priceCompatibility with Strapping Machine ECOBAND-S

Our OPP band, with its dimensions perfectly suited for the ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP Banding Machine, is an ideal pairing for seamless and efficient packaging operations. The ECOBAND-S is specifically designed to work with 12mm width bands, making it a perfect match for our 12mm OPP band.

The machine’s advanced features, coupled with the precise fit of our OPP band, ensure smooth loading and reliable performance. The ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP Banding Machine is equipped to handle a 42mm inner diameter and 160mm exterior diameter, which perfectly accommodates our OPP band’s roll dimensions.

With this combination, your packaging process will experience increased productivity and reduced downtime. The machine’s user-friendly design and compatibility with our OPP band allow for quick and easy banding, ensuring a high-quality bundling effect that holds your products securely together.

Whether you are bundling various products, sealing cartons, or enhancing the presentation of your retail packaging, the ECOBAND-S, and our 12mm OPP band deliver an efficient, damage-free, and cost-effective solution.

Trust in the synergy of the ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP Banding Machine and our 12mm OPP band to elevate your packaging operations and provide the perfect packaging solution for your business needs.


12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine - 150m/unitFeatures of OPP tape 12mm:

  1. Superior Quality: Our OPP packing tape is crafted with utmost precision to deliver a high-quality product that meets industry standards. Its durability ensures that your packages remain secure throughout transportation and storage.
  2. Long Length: With a generous length of 150 meters per unit, this OPP tape offers excellent value for money. You can rely on it for extended periods of use before needing a replacement, reducing downtime in your packaging operations.
  3. Optimal Width: The 12mm width of the tape is perfect for various packaging applications. It strikes a balance between providing a strong bundling effect and not adding excessive bulk to your packages.
  4. Elegant Packing: The OPP packing way used in our tape ensures an elegant and professional appearance for your packages. Your products will be presented in a neat and attractive manner, leaving a positive impression on your customers.
  5. Damage-Free: Rest assured that our OPP tape will not cause any damage to your products during the bundling process. The gentle handling characteristics of the tape prevent scratches, dents, or other marks on your goods.
  6. Strong Bundling Effect: This tape offers a robust bundling effect, securely holding your packages together. Whether it’s for light or heavy-duty items, the tape’s strong adhesion will keep everything in place during transit.
  7. Versatile Compatibility: Our OPP tape is suitable for use with various strapping machines, making it a versatile choice for businesses with different packaging equipment. It seamlessly integrates into your existing packaging processes.


Where OPP strap 12mm is used

OPP strap 12mm finds wide application across various industries and packaging scenarios. Here are some common uses where our tape excels. 12mm OPP strap serves as a reliable and indispensable packaging solution across industries and applications. Whether you run a large-scale manufacturing facility, manage an e-commerce store, or need it for everyday household tasks, our tape ensures exceptional performance and consistent results
  1. Product Bundling: Whether you are bundling small items, electronic components, or stationery products, our 12mm OPP tape is an ideal choice. Its strong bundling effect keeps items securely packed together during handling and transportation.
  2. Carton Sealing: When it comes to sealing cardboard cartons and boxes, our OPP tape ensures reliable closure. Its excellent adhesion properties create a strong seal that prevents tampering and safeguards the contents.
  3. Gift Wrapping: Enhance the presentation of your gifts with our OPP tape. Its elegant packing characteristics provide a neat and professional finish to your gift wrapping, leaving recipients impressed.
  4. Banknote bundling: our 12 mm OPP tape is ideal for bundling banknotes into stacks and is used as standard in banks, casinos and other cash-handling businesses.
  5. Food Packaging: The food industry also benefits from our OPP tape. It is suitable for sealing lightweight food packages, ensuring the contents remain fresh and protected.
  6. Retail Packaging: In retail settings, our OPP tape is widely used for securing product displays and packaging goods for sale. Its clean and damage-free properties make it perfect for delicate items.
  7. E-commerce Shipping: Online sellers trust our OPP tape for secure packaging of their products before shipping. Its compatibility with automatic banding machines ensures an efficient packaging process.
  8. Manufacturing and Assembly: During the manufacturing and assembly processes, our 12mm OPP tape comes in handy for holding components together temporarily or permanently.
  9. Logistics and Warehousing: In logistics and warehousing operations, our OPP tape plays a crucial role in bundling goods, and labeling packages.
  10. Home and DIY Projects: For home users and DIY enthusiasts, our OPP tape is a versatile tool for various household projects, repairs, and craft activities.


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