NEO Plus 16-19mm (5/8″-6/8″) Battery Strapping Tool PET/PP strap incl. 2 Batteries & Charger

NEO Plus 16-19mm Battery Strapping Tool

NEO Plus 16-19mm (5/8″-6/8″) Battery Strapping Tool PET/PP strap incl. 2 Batteries & Charger




  • Easy-to-use and highly efficient automatic battery strapping tool
  • Suitable for both PET and PP plastic strap
  • Strap width: 16mm – 19mm
  • Adjustable tension force: 600N – 4000N
  • Max tension speed: 225mm/min
  • Joint type: friction weld seal
  • The lightest on the market: 3.8kg including battery
  • Great balance for efficient operation and reliable handling
  • Digital display with parameters for better control
  • Ideal in demanding environments



NEO Plus 16-19mm (5/8″-6/8″) Battery Strapping Tool PET/PP strap incl. 2 Batteries & Charger

Adjustable and powerful automatic battery strapping tool for plastic straps in any environment

This highly flexible buckle-free strapping tool is the perfect choice for packaging large goods, pallets, and loads in all kinds of environments. Despite effortless handling, it provides optimal results and high tightness of PP and PET straps. The adjustable guides enable easy switching of plastic straps of different dimensions, from 16mm (5/8)” to 19mm (3/4)” wide. Designed to perform well in demanding environments, the buckle-free strapping tool’s digital display, easy handling, and adaptability increase plastic straps’ working efficiency and strength for more secure packaging. To start the battery strapping tool simply hold the orange button for 3 seconds.

  • High control of tensioning phase
  • Clear display of parameters on digital display
  • Adjustable strap guides
  • Easy-to-remove and rechargeable battery. In the mean time you can simply use anothre battery which is included so the machine can operate non-stop.
  • Adjustable strap tightness

Thanks to its super-light weight, the buckle-free strapping tool allows for effortless handling while delivering optimal results with high packing tension force and fusion strength. Fully charged it can strap up to 500 times, depending on the packing strap and tension force. Battery strapping tool NEO Plus  it’s a long-term reliable packaging tool.

The latest Li-Ion battery technology powering the strapping tool supports a very high number of strapping cycles and stable performance. Batteries of 10.8V to 18V voltage range are easily chargeable to prolong the tool’s performance and usability.

The clear and user-friendly digital display present crucial tool’s features – operating mode, abnormalities or errors, current battery power, packing tension force, fusion time, and strap width setting. Its easy handling and setup ensure optimized performance in different situations and tasks.

Battery strapping tool NEO Plus show warnings of unusual circumstances or errors, such as excessive tool temperature, excessive or insufficient battery pressure or temperature, motor disconnection, failed startup check, etc., help prevent operation issues and ensure optimal tool functioning for the best results at all times.

Designed to perform well in all kinds of tasks, the buckle-free strapping tool delivers optimal strapping results even in dirty environments. To extend its lifecycle, however, it is recommended to check the tool for wear and tear and clean it using a compressed air gun to remove any particles that could hinder its performance.

Battery strapping tool NEO offers battery-powered tensioning and friction welding seals and is designed for strapping plastic straps (PET/PP) with width 16 to 19mm.


Benefits of NEO Plus 16-19mm Battery Strapping Tool

  • For PET/PP plastic strap 16-19mm
  • Adjustable tension force from 600N to 4000N
  • Fully charged can perform up to 500 strappings
  • An electric design that is simple to use, light in weight, and powerful
  • Sealless – bucket is not needed
  • Fiction-welding design that stick straps together
  • Automatic working model, making tensioning and welding controllable.
  • Additional Li-ion battery is included. You will get 2 Li-ion batteries.
  • Heavy duty, special construction, high durability.
  • LED scale display, adjustable sealing time
  • Safe and allows continuous operation


Battery Strapping Tool NEO Plus 16-19mm specifications

ModelNEO Plus
Weight3.8kg (incl. battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H)360mm x 135mm x 130mm
Tension force600N – 4000N
Tension speed225mm/s
SealingFriction welding
Battery charger voltage100/220V
Battery14.4V/4.0Ah Li-Ion
Charging time60min
Max number of strappings/fully charged 400-500 times depending on packing strap and tension force
Battery serviceChargeable up to 2000
Packing strapPP/PET
Strap width16mm (5/8)” – (3/4)” 19mm
Strap thicknessPP (0.6-1.0mm)/PET(0.5-1.0mm)


Core features of Buckle-free PP/PET battery-powered strapping tool NEO Plus

  • Reliable and easy handling, thanks to the tool’s very low weight (with only 3.8kg, it’s the lightest strapping tool in the market), compact and ergonomic design, optimizes the tool’s efficiency and ensures good balance during operation.
  • Adjustable strap guides easily adapt to plastic straps from 16mm to 19mm wide and guarantee a secure flow of straps for any task, while the tool’s perfect balance ensures accurate strapping in different directions.
  • Digital control panel provides a clear overview and management of the tool’s features, including tension force, fusion time, strap width, and abnormality warnings.
  • Easy maintenance improves performance and ensures battery strapping tool is always in motion.
  • The high reliability and strength of the latest Li-Ion battery technology boost the tool’s efficiency and usability
  • Strap tightness force adjustable via the control panel guarantees optimal tightness and strength of packaging.
  • A highly automized process delivers fast yet reliable strapping results, with an automatic cut of the strap after the friction melting action is complete, saving time and energy.


How does the battery strapping tool NEO Plus works:

  1. Press the orange button for 3 seconds to start the battery strapping tool.
  2. Strap Insertion: The operator inserts the strap around the parcel or pallet and into the battery strapping tool
  3. Strap Tensioning: Once the strap is inserted, the operator presses the button to start the tightening process.
  4. Tension Application: When the operator activates the tensioning mechanism, the tool applies force to the strapping, tightening it around the package. The amount of tension applied can be adjusted.
  5. Friction Welding: After the desired tension is achieved, the tool’s sealing mechanism comes into play. For plastic strapping, the tool uses a combination of pressure and heat generated by friction to weld the overlapping ends of the strapping together. The battery strapping tool has a motorized wheel that spins rapidly, creating the necessary friction.
  6. Strap Cutting: Once the joint is formed, the excess strapping material needs to be cut. Battery strapping tools NEO Plus has incorporated a built-in cutting mechanism to automatically trim off the excess strapping cleanly.
  7. Recharge or Reload: Battery-powered strapping tools are equipped with rechargeable batteries. After completing a strapping operation or when the battery charge is low, the operator can recharge the tool using the provided charging unit or replace the battery pack.


Advantages of battery strapping tool NEO Plus:

  1. Reduce packing cost by more than 15% and improve the combining intensity about 2 times
  2. Improve packing efficiency, since you don’t need metal buckle for strapping
  3. With the alarm, otification when battery is low
  4. Works normally under a large number of dust
  5. Easy to operate with one hand


Key specs of battery powered strapping tool NEO Plus

  • Suitable Strap: PET Strap / PP Strap
  • Strap Width: 16mm (5/8″) – 19mm (3/4″)
  • Strap thickness: 0.5 mm(0.020″) – 1.2mm(0.048″)
  • Joint Type: Friction-weld
  • Adjustable tension force: 600N – 4000N
  • Battery: 14.4V
  • Size: 130 x 140 x 370 mm
  • Weight: 3.8G
  • Function: Tension/Welding / Cutting


NEO Plus Battery Strapping Tool for PET/PP 16-19mm strap Video

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